French expressions about helping around the house

    Learn some useful French expressions about helping around at home.  Talk about chores and activities you can do at home to help. All the expressions below are in the present tense since they are talking about things you can usually do at home. Check out the lesson on the present tense if you’re unsure.

    French expressions about helping around at home

    Phrases en français (French translations)Sons (French audio)Phrases en anglais (English translations)
    Je fais mon lit
    I make my bed
    Je fais la lessive
    I do the washing
    Je fais le ménage
    I do the cleaning
    Je fais le repassage
    I do the ironing
    Je fais la cuisine
    I do the cooking
    Je fais la vaisselle I do the washing-up
    Je fais les courses
    I do the shopping
    Je fais du jardinage
    I do some gardening
    Je mets la table
    I set the table
    Je débarrasse la table
    I clear the table
    Je passe l’aspirateur
    I vacuum / I hoover
    Je sors la poubelle
    I take the bin out
    Je lave la voiture
    I was the car
    Je range ma chambre
    I tidy my room
    Je promène le chien
    I walk the dog
    Je tonds la pelouse
    I mow the lawn

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