‘Sortir’ (to go out/take out/leave) in the present tense in French

‘Sortir’ means ‘to go out’ although it does have quite a lot of other English translations (to take out, to leave, to exit etc.) and is an irregular -IR verb in French. It’s a verb that you should definitely know off by heart since it is used heavily in so many contexts. Here are a few handy expressions:


  • Sortir de l’école – To exit the school
  • Sortir en ville – To go out in town
  • Sortir dans la rue – To go out in the street
  • Sortir le chien – To take the dog out
  • Sortir la poubelle – To take the bin out
  • Sortir en boîte – To go out in a night club
  • Sortir avec Estelle – To go out with Estelle (girlfriend or with a friend)
  • Sortir au cinéma – To go out to the cinema/movies

Sortir in the present tense in French

‘Sortir’ au présent en français (‘To go out/take out/leave’ in the present tense in French)Sons (French audio)‘To go out/take out/leave’ au présent en français (‘Sortir’ in the present tense in French)
Je sors
I go out/take out/leave
Tu sors
You go out/take out/leave
Il sort
He goes out/takes out/leaves
Elle sort
She goes out/takes out/leaves
On sort
One goes out/takes out/leaves
Nous sortons
We go out/take out/leave
Vous sortez
You go out/take out/leave
Ils sortent
They go out/take out/leave (male or male and female)
Elles sortent
They go out/take out/leave (female)


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