Useful links to learn French

    French in a Click’s list of useful links to learn french for teachers and learners of French and plenty of tips and advice to help you with your French along the way.

    Websites for teachers


    BBC Bitesize

    Very good website from the BBC. It contains loads of reading and listening activities. They also have videos and downloadable content.


    BBC Languages

    A portal for all languages. Loads of resources for teachers and tutors. Have a closer look at: Ma France and Cool French.

    Ma France is broadband video course that could be used for GCSE. They have great quality videos on 24 different topics. They also have dictations, pétanque games for grammar practice, card game for vocabulary practice and much much more. Watch the mini video lessons here.

    Cool French are cool words and phrases that you can download.


    Website created and updated by Steve Smith. It contains many links to websites to learn French as well as worksheets.


    French language guide

    French language guide has a wide variety of written lessons to help you with your French.

    TES French teaching resources

    Area for French teachers to share their lesson plans, worksheets, games and ideas. A mixture of free and paid resources.


    French Learner website

    David gives French Skype lessons and his website contains French vocabulary listsFrench grammar lessons and French verb lessons.

    Websites with links to French resources

    Revision world

    Revision world helps you revise for your GCSE and have links to other resources.

    Jim Becker's best French websites

    Jim Becker has put together a website with tons of links related to French and France. It’s a very useful website but some links might be out-of date. Still worth a look though.

    Beyond Books: Libraries as Language Learning Centres

    A very thorough article on how you can use libraries to learn French and many more languages. It contains tons of useful tips, advice and links to useful resources to learn French and many more languages. Definitely worth a read.

    Link suggested by a French in a Click user. Thank you.

    French radios and TV channels


    Europe 1

    Very good French radio. You can listen to it live but also listen to recorded programmes. Very useful and easy to use. Loads of programmes available as podcasts.



    From this website, you will be able to listen to 42 different French national or local radios. Franceinfo for 24 hrs news, France musique for French music, France culture for cultural programmes, France Inter, etc.


    TV channel number one in France. It is a private channel and is also the most watched channel in the country. Audio and video podcasts are also available from the website or from iTunes.

    France 2

    Channel number 2 and first public channel. Audio and video podcasts also available from the website or from iTunes.

    France 3

    Channel number 3 and second public channel. You can watch the local news at midday and in the evening. Audio and video podcasts also available from the website or from iTunes.

    Canal Plus

    Channel number four, it is private and you need a decoder (box) to see it except when it is “en clair” during a couple of hours everyday. It is famous for its movies and also football, being one of the few channels being able to broadcast the French league live and other European leagues.

    France 5

    Channel number five and the third public channel which is more based on culture.


    Channel number six which is a private channel and the fourth most popular channel after TF1, France 2 and France 3.


    LCI is found on cable, satellite and online and is part of TF1 and is a news channel only.


    TV5 can only be on cable, satellite and online all around the world. It uses programmes of its own but also programmes from France Télévision. It also has a dedicated area focused on helping people learn French.

    French newspapers and magazines


    Le Monde

    This newspaper is regarded as one of the best in France.



    It is the best selling daily newspaper in France. It is the newspaper of the west of France. Each locality has its own version.


    Le Figaro

    This newspaper is regarded as one of the best in France.


    Le Parisien

    Popular newspaper from Paris and its region.


    Paris Match

    A popular weekly magazine.


    Presse de France

    Website selling all the French newspapers and magazines.



    This is the website from the French railway company. Good site to use for revision of time, months, days, prices and problem solving.

    Météo France

    The French weather website. This is ideal for maps and to practise weather vocabulary.

    La redoute

    This is a great site selling almost everything. You can use it for the revision of a lot of topics such as clothes, colours, numbers, adjectives and so on.

    Les 3 SUISSES

    Same type of online shop as La Redoute and therefore very useful for learning French.

    Le Louvre

    This is the website for the famous Museum in Paris and has loads of online galleries and virtual visits. A must-see!

    Les webcams de Paris

    You can see webcams live in Paris such as the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de triomphe and Notre Dame for instance.

    Les débrouillards

    Great website for teenagers. They have an amazing amount of information on almost everything. A must-see!

    Grammar advice for bloggers

    A good article on the most common mistakes made when you write a blog or an article. It contains some really useful explanations and tips.

    100 things to do in France

    Read a guide of practical tips and advice for your next trip to France.

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