French GCSE Topics

    Practise your French GCSE topics with these 25 topics containing lessons with audio clips, interactive activities, tests and games. You’ll be able to test your French reading, French writing and French listening skills.

    House, home and daily routine

    À la maison - At home

    La routine - Routine

    La personalité - Personality

    La famille - Family

    Education, training and employment

    Mes études - My studies

    Les métiers - Jobs

    At home and abroad

    Les pays et les villes - Countries and towns

    Les nationalités - Nationalities

    Les vacances - Holidays

    La météo - Weather

    Les magasins - Shops

    Media, entertainment and youth culture

    La télévision - Television and TV programmes

    Social activities, health and fitness

    Le temps libre - Past times

    La santé - Health and the parts of the body

    Miscellaneous – Exam related

    Le vocabulaire du GCSE - GCSE core vocabulary from Edexcel

    Le vocabulaire en ordre alphabétique - GCSE core vocabulary from OCR

    Créer des questions - Create questions

    Les questions à l'oral du GCSE - GCSE oral questions

    Des jeux de rôles - Some role plays

    Miscellaneous – Essentials

    Les chiffres - Numbers

    Les mois et les saisons - Months and seasons

    Noël - Christmas

    Les heures - Time in French

    Les couleurs - Colours

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